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Frank PR Bags Account For Dating App, Happn

This App where to buy cheap colchicine  was released (in BETA and only for France) firstly for iOS users and two months later on Android.

Happn was released worldwide in April 2015, after being tasted for over a year in London, Berlin, Barcelona and Madrid.

This application, unlikely others Dating Apps, finds all the members you’ve crossed path with! In a few words: you will meet people in an old-fashioned way… or at least something like that.


How it works:

If you want to use this App you should follow the next instructions:

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  • Open the App, then you will need to register on it. To do that, you must login with your Facebook account.
  • Afterwards, you should fill all your profile; it is better to have a complete one and give all the information as you can, remember that you are in there to meet someone, you will never want to meet someone with a blank profile nor with a fake picture.
  • Once everything mentioned above is done, you are ready to use the app. Now, every time you cross path with another Happn member in real life, their profile shows up on your timeline, and some relevant information like: when, where and how many times it was.


  • What happen after you’ve crossed path with another Happn user?
  • You can have a look at their profile how many time do you want to and at any time. There, the App, will show you when and where was your last encounter with that user. Also, you can like them, if it’s mutual you both will know it! (That’s the only way you two will know if the other person liked you). Unless you want them to know you are interested in them, you can use an option called “Charm”, after you clicked on it, the other person will get a notification saying that you are interested in him/her.
  • If you both matched, you will have the chance to start a private conversation!
  • Also, you can hide your location for a few hours or block/report someone for unwanted behaviour at any time, if you want to.
  • Remember that Happn won’t ever share anything on your Facebook account nor send you notifications in there. It will only show you (while you are using the App) if you and someone else have interests and/or friends in common.

cheap colchicine onliney, in January 2016, Happn counted with 10 million active member around the world. It’s estimated that the App is gaining 1.3 million more users per month.

Didier Rappaport stated that they are not afraid of other Companies like Tinder, he thinks that Tinder has more users because it was one of the first Apps in this market.

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“Last year, I’ve been using Dating Apps, especially Happn. Now, I’m not single anymore. I met my boyfriend, Fernando, on there. We crossed path in the subway, as usually because we always take the same train at the same hour, but we’ve never been brave enough to talk to each other. I recommend this app to anyone I know, because I think that in modern times it’s possible to meet really awesome people on Dating Apps”  – Andrea, From Buenos Aires.